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Sue Aguero is the Lead Editor and Technical Writer at Aegis Trust.

Sue is a member of the Society of Editors (WA) and the Institute of Professional Editors.


Sue trained as a chemical engineer at the University of Melbourne. During her engineering career, Sue was known for her well-written and easy-to-read documentation, which ranged from standard operating procedures (SOPs) to monthly reports and conference papers.

In early 2008, Sue decided to concentrate on her writing and editing skills. While she no longer works as an engineer, her background enables her to quickly understand the information to be presented and how best to communicate it to the intended audience.


Sue is experienced in using:

  • MS Word
  • Limn: "The Flowsheet Processor"
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

Sue has worked in a variety of fields, including:

  • titanium dioxide pigment
  • iron ore
  • lime
  • frozen foods (crumbed and battered portions)
  • coal hydroliquefaction (making liquid fuels from coal)
  • anaerobic and aerobic waste water treatment
  • process flow diagram (PFD) modelling

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